Students: Job Bahlmann, Karla Echeverry-Caro, Frederik Høgdal, Glenn Keller, Lilly Klappe and Owen Versteeg.

Borealis is an interactive light environment in the form of a unique pattern hanging from the ceiling. It is designed for flight crew at the airport and is triggered by the behaviour of the crew members. At the entrance of the coffee corner, crew members can choose a cup of coffee or tea based on the continent of their destinations. The tables are triggered by the cup’s placement, which sends an information to the ceiling to activate Borealis. Once Borealis is activated, it creates a path through the waiting area. When multiple lights of the same destination meet they merge and create a singular path. Creating a connection between the crew members.

Coaches: Coaches: Martin Havranek, Aadjan van der Helm, Wouter van der Hoog, Lorenzo Romagnoli, Wim Schermer.