Dwallie - the tiny robot guiding visitors through the TUDelft Science Centre - Photographer: Guss Schoonewille


Dwallie is an interactive little robot toy. It was designed for the TUDelft Science Centre visitors, especially for kids to guide them through the building in an explorative fun way and make sure they can find all the beautiful installations inside.

The Dwallies are mainly there to connect all the installations and make sure the visitors want to visit all of them. This is done because the Dwallies want to travel from one of their spaceship to another and collect body parts, to become complete again, which makes the whole experience similar to a treasure hunt.

Additionally, the robots are assembled by the visitors and include a customizable take-home part which helps the Science Centre foster a relationship with its visitors. This helps to leave a remaining memory at home for the visitor that will help keep the Science Centre in their memory.

A project by François Andrés, Ada Fabrykiewicz, Stijn Gruben, Jeroen Heijmans & Laura Martínez Quesada