We are all social beings that like to interact with others. Until now this is not much experienced in the Mekelpark, especially not during this pandemic in which walking through the park has become a solo activity. Mimic will satisfy this need for interaction and entertainment for the whole TU Delft community.

Mimic will take you out of your routine for just a moment, it will take your mind off the fact that you are on your own and keep you company. Mimic is designed to create the feeling that the creatures are alive through mechanical movement and changing lights. Each Mimi (one creature) has its own personality and they will all react to your presence in a different way which makes them unpredictable. After using Mimic, you have been entertained and distracted. With this small break, you will have fresh energy to continue your day.

Students: Eljo Dorrestijn, Feike Jansen, Janna van der Jagt, Pleun Veenendaal, Laura Poortman, Matisse Laurens