AMSTERDAM - TU Delft IO Prototypes - Interactive Environment Minor. - FOTO GUUS SCHOONEWILLE


TOPO is an interactive model of Amsterdam. It is meant to be used by the staff, researchers, students and the visitors of the co-working office. The key function of  TOPO is to share knowledge generated through current projects. A person can access information such as project description and who works on it. Instead of viewing projects on a projected map, the model is 3D so that it is easier to visualise the city and the locations relevant for the projects. Topo also allows people to share their favourite places with others and to learn about the highlights of Amsterdam.

Students: Mert Capkin, Avelien Husen, Paul Krauth, Chee Wai Thong.

Coaches: Martin Havranek, Aadjan van der Helm, Wouter van der Hoog, Tomasz Jaskiewicz, Jakob Lehr.