Five impressions of the Poietic Veil workshop

Workshop – Poietic Veil

Philip Beesley is a Canadian architect, artist and technologist, who for the past two decades has been creating experimental installations, exploring large-scale artificial ecosystems and developing living architecture.

One of his experiments is the Poietic Veil. You can see this installation in real life at the TU Delft Science Centre. It is part of a research and creation initiative together with TU Delft to develop architecture that approaches the qualities of living systems. This prototype serves as a foundation for an autopoietic system. An autopoietic system produces and reproduces its own elements and structures. This veil is made of a filamentary triangulated skeletal framework and a system of interaction between software languages used to program responsive environments.  

In November 2022, PhIlip Beesley from University of Waterloo, a team of the Living Archtecture Systems Group, the TUDelft Science Centre and the Interactive Environments minor students and staff, collaborated to build the Veil in one week on site at the TUDelft Science Centre.