A project by Kevin van der Lans, Bianca Lieu, Edward Na, Laura Ottevanger, Julia Rademaker, Marijn Roelvink, Luuk Streefkerk

Stride is formed by a forest of poles, which feature interactive stepping stones. Immediate feedback is realised when pressure is detected on the stones, the step will light up and a sound will play.
Stride is an interactive playful environment, where users are invited into a refreshing, relaxing and energising experience. This environment facilitates both simple and explorative interactions. Users
are provided with a clear affordance of how to interact with this environment. However, are also given the opportunity to explore new and different interactions, in addition to simple stepping.
Stride is suitable for many types of people, as it offers both casual and more intensive interactions. Individuals are able to either unconsciously travel through this environment or more actively engage with it.

Coaches: Martin Havranek, Aadjan van der Helm, Wouter van der Hoog, Lorenzo Romagnoli, Wim Schermer.