DELFT - TU Delft studenten aan de faculteit Industrial Design presenteren hun minor project waarbij ze prototypes moeten bouwen van producten. - FOTO GUUS SCHOONEWILLE


Vika is an interactive wall, consisting of spinning hexagonic panels. It aims to give ill children some power and control back. This way their time in the hospital will be more fun, because they will feel stronger and empowered.

21012014 © Thierry Schut Fotografie delft, TU Science Centre, GUUS SCHOONEWILLE / TU DELFT


Liv is a system of interactive toys for bed-ridden children in the hospital. Liv persuades these children to become physically active. Liv also tries to encourage it’s owner to find other Livs to make social connections with other children.


Interactive beanbags that create an environment of intimacy through touch, light, and warmth, exploring beyond the digital experience of long-distance communication.

21012014 © Thierry Schut Fotografie delft, TU Science Centre, GUUS SCHOONEWILLE / TU DELFT


An interactive installation for public spaces that offers playful interactions through optical augmented light patterns.


Atmo is a place to feel more socially and emotionally comfortable. for patients aged 2-10 years old and their families.


An interactive environment to stimulate social interaction


An interactive environment to stimulate physical activity by creating an everchanging experience of lights and sounds.


A hang-out space to stimulate social development of teenagers of the age of 12 to 14.

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An interactive environment to connect people through a playful interaction with an empowering effect.


Kuda is an interactive environment that comes to life when people start interacting in it.